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That BBQ Joint Moves to New Location, Expands

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IMG_0403.JPGBBQ lovers, rejoice!

If you’ve ever tried to grab your fix of BBQ at That BBQ Joint’s original location, you know that it was cramped, crowded, and not conducive to dine-in traffic.  With really only three tables or so, the previous location was mainly all about carryout.

In early August, That BBQ Joint reopened in it’s new, bigger location at 901 Williamson Street after being closed for a few weeks for the move.  The new location is stark and sparsely decorated, but that’s ok – trust me, you don’t go to this Joint for the décor.

That BBQ JointProviding some of the best BBQ in town, including ribs, pulled pork, brisket smoked chicken and the menu also consists of various sandwiches, including Italian Beef Brisket, Sausage Mixed Grill and Chicken Salad.

On a recent visit, we tried the Rib Basket and the Italian Beef Brisket Sandwich.

The Rib Basket was a slab of 3 ribs, and it included 2 sides.  The ribs were rubbed, and not slathered with sauce.  Now, I understand that there are some people who object to this.  I am vehemently not one of them.  I much prefer to be given the opportunity to add my own sauce, to my own taste, and often times, I skip the sauce completely and go with the naked taste of smoked, rubbed ribs.

Speaking of sauces, That BBQ Joint offers three different types – Mo’ Regular, Mo’ Spicy and Mo’ Mustard.  I am personally a fan of mustard bbq sauce, when it’s done right.  And this sauce is done right – not cloyingly sweet, tangy, with a nice bite of vinegar.  I also tried the Mo’ Spicy.  Nice flavor and a perfect balance between slightly sweet and vinegary tang.

That BBQ Joint Rib Platter That BBQ Joint Potato Salad That BBQ Joint Brisket Chili That BBQ Joint Mac 'N Cheese


Potato salad and brisket chili were the two sides that were chosen.  The potato salad was fine.  It was serviceable and fairly non-descript.  And it was completely outshined by the brisket chili.  Full of meaty chunks of smoked brisket and beans, it was flavorfully warm with plenty of cumin.  I’d have been happy with just a bowl of that.

Out of curiosity, we also ordered the Mac ‘N Cheese Ball.  Breaded and deep-fried crisp, the inside was moist with… well, mac and cheese.  It was good, but could have done with more seasoning.  It faded into the background with the rest of the offerings.

That BBQ Joint Italian Beef Brisket Sandwich

That BBQ Joint Italian Beef Brisket Sandwich

The Italian Beef Brisket Sandwich was a standout.  The smoky brisket added great nuance to the sandwich, served traditionally with your choice of mild or hot giardiniera, provolone cheese, and au jus.  It satisfied the Italian Beef lover who ordered it completely.

If you are in the mood for some BBQ, this is a place you should consider hitting.  Parking can be difficult, with only the street parking on busy Williamson Street available, but once you overcome that hurdle you won’t regret the visit.


That BBQ Joint
901 Williamson Street
Madison, WI
(608) 709-1300


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