Monona Bait and Ice Cream Shop

Monona_Bait_and_Icecream 4If you ride your bike around lake Monona or you live in the City of Monona you are aware of the Bait Shop. When I was growing up in Monona it was called The Village Store. I seemed like I rode my bike there every day in the summer to buy a 5 pack of Rain-Blo Sour Apple bubble gum. Back then they did not serve Ice Cream. As years past, the Bait Shop became one of the few places that served Babcock Ice Cream outside if the UW Campus. Ever since it has become a magnet for Ice Cream lovers on the east side. In addition to Ice Cream you can find hot dogs, sandwiches drinks, hooks, line, sinkers and worms. Just because the summer is over, don’t stop yourself from biking, boating or driving by to grab a cone.


Monona_Bait_and_Icecream 3 Monona_Bait_and_Icecream 2 Monona_Bait_and_Icecream 1

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