Madison’s Best Tradition 2009

Perhaps it is not surprising that the winners of this category are the same, year after year.  They are, after all, traditions.  And traditions don’t change much.  This year we gave in and allowed the admittance of The Terrace at the Memorial Union to go into the finals.  Every year this gets many nominations, and we exclude it from the finals because this is a site that is more dedicated to restaurants.  This year, it won the popular vote.  Having said that, we’re going to focus on the restaurants that followed.

First Place: The Avenue Bar
See restaurant information here.

Second Place: Quivey’s Grove

Quivey's Grove  Quivey's Grove  Quivey's Grove
See restaurant information here.

Third Place: Lombardino’s

Lombardino's  Lombardino's  Lombardino's
See restaurant information here.

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